Growth Track
Connecting to Rock Creek is simple! Our goal is to serve you as you discover who we are as a church.

Growth Track is getting a new look. Details coming soon!


Come join our Gather class to discover more about the vision and story of Rock Creek Church. You’ll get to hear Pastor Brad and meet many others who are relatively new just like you! We will provide you an opportunity to join our family/community, but it’s not required to attend. The class will be held at 10:15am on Sunday mornings.

This class will be the basic introduction to our church family. Since we have people from many different backgrounds, this class is designed to clearly explain who we are and what we believe.


Come join Pastor Greg and discover more about the many opportunities for you to GROW by plugging into community here at Rock Creek. The class will be held at 10:15am on Sunday mornings. This is a great time to also ask questions about our many different Bible Studies & our Groups.


Rock Creek Church is made up of amazing volunteers who use their gifts to serve in our church home and in our community. Come discover your unique gifts with a fun personal assessment and let us help you find a place to connect. The class will be held at 10:15am on Sunday mornings and includes a Backstage Pass Tour of our ministry.

Our hope is that you will take a step toward understanding how God has uniquely gifted you for His kingdom. It is our desire to help you discover your gifts and to help you use those gifts to serve others. The goal of this class is to help you find a place to GO – not simply doing something you’re good at, but doing something which makes you feel strong and fulfilled.


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