Here is the latest update on the IBC Central Ministry Facility!

Our ministry is so much more than just church planting, it’s a church planting movement, it’s training nationals so they can go out and reach their own people, realizing that they already know the language, culture, and hardships that their countrymen go through. It’s equipping them with the leadership skills to be leaders of leaders and encourage growth by multiplication, also equipping them with the resources needed to help them be as successful as possible in their beginning steps.


We do this by encouraging churches in the
U.S. to adopt a ministry and Pastor and support them financially, with prayers, and short term mission groups to come and evangelize their “Jerusalem’s”, invest in the youth and children of the community, and help with construction and other opportunities that would be a blessing to that particular church. This helps that American church see firsthand what
God is doing in the “uttermost”. It brings awareness and understanding to the
congregation in an intimate, and personal way, also giving them a sense of ownership and responsibility to foreign missions.

Projects/Needs we are working on:

1. We are currently raising funds for us to build the hub church where our church movement is being birthed out of.
2. We are working on starting a sports program to help troubled teens come to Christ in a different way, helping them to use their time and efforts in a more constructive way, instilling characteristics like discipline, leadership, teamwork, and responsibility.
3. We are praying for the means and ability to start a much-needed Christian school.

How can Rock Creek Church get Involved?


1. Pray God would send laborers
2. Pray God would supply and provide
3. Pray for wisdom and strength for our leadership.


Give to your local church because it directly affects what we are able to do here!

We have a $400 a month matching grant for our sports program. We need 8 individuals to give 50 dollars a month toward this cause!


Come to the Dominican. Visit, see, and serve our churches and communities. There is so much you can do to help us spread Gods word!

What to Expect

What to expect when you come on a short-term mission trip:

We love to work with kids, we have so many opportunities to serve in less fortunate areas where your presence alone is such a joy. We do vacation Bible school! Youth outreach, light and heavy construction work, feed those in need, and anything else that could be a blessing to others. It doesn’t matter your age, skill level, or know-how as long as you have a willing heart there is something for you to do!