Tapestries of Life Mission Trip

September 10-16, 2023
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Mission Trip Information

The vision that God laid on the hearts of the Tapestries of Life team is to build an orphanage in Guadalupe Mexico, which will be the largest orphanage in all of Latin America. Although there is a lot of work that needs to be completed, God has blessed this project. The Biblical mandate to take care of widows and orphans is in the process of being fulfilled in the orphanage that is being built in Guadalupe, Mexico.

This orphanage will house over 200 children, and the government promised to fill it within 24 hours of when its doors open with a small percentage of the over 7000 children that are living on the street in this area alone. There is a lot of work that still needs to be done & we need your help.

Tapestries of Life

September 10-16, 2023

Cost TBD

Age Minimum: 18+